The Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force (MSATF) works with the Evansville community to promote substance abuse awareness, education, prevention, and treatment.

We strive to support and sustain a healthy and vibrant community that is an excellent place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

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CRAFT-Trained Therapists in the Evansville Area

Get Your Loved Ones Clean and Sober Book

There is help and hope for anyone wanting to get their loved one clean and sober. It’s called CRAFT, which stands for Community Reinforcement and Family Training. Over 25 Evansville area therapists are trained in this method to help motivate a substance abuser into treatment. Access a list of many of these CRAFT-trained therapists here.

To learn more, watch these segments from an interview with Dr. Robert Meyers, who wrote the book Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading, and Threatening. He is joined by the Chair of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force, Dr. William Wooten, on Midday with Mike (Oct. 17, 2017; 14News).

What is CRAFT?

Dr. Meyers describes CRAFT, a positive and scientifically developed method for approaching a loved one with a substance use disorder and encouraging them to seek treatment.

How to find a CRAFT-Trained Therapist

Dr. Wooten and Dr. Meyers discuss how Evansville healthcare professionals were trained in the CRAFT method.

Learn more about the four priority areas: