People in Evansville care about making their corner of the world a better place.

The Task Force promotes effective prevention strategies and programs that can help support the health and strength of everyone in our community.

Prevention occurs at many levels. Some efforts aim to strengthen an entire community by creating environments that make it easier to act in healthy ways. Other efforts seek to help individuals or select groups develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to make good choices or to change harmful behaviors.

These resources  can help promote prevention efforts to support the health and strength our community and the diverse people who make it a great place to live and work.

Disclaimer: The Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force does not endorse any one method or approach to treatment and recovery over another. We hope that the information and resources we provide will help individuals and families make the decisions that are best for them.

Video Gallery

For Educators and
Service Providers

Indiana Prevention Resource Center – “The Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC) was established in 1987 to assist Indiana based alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) prevention practitioners to improve the quality of their services.” Visit their website to access regional data, training options, an online library, and other resources.

For Neighborhoods

The United States DEA’s Community Outreach Section works towards its vision to “Support initiatives to reduce the demand for drugs and give assistance to community coalitions and drug prevention initiatives.”

For Parents

National Institute on Drug Abuse Prevention Research Program

National Institute on Drug Abuse Principles of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early Childhood

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