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Below are some local resources that can help you learn more about behavioral health and substance abuse topics. These resources are from organizations that are part of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force, and the links will take you to the community member’s website.

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Learn more about inpatient treatment, a partial hospitalization program, and an intensive out patient program at Brentwood Springs’ Website.



Addiction is a powerful and difficult condition to treat. We approach addiction through medical intervention (detoxification), where appropriate, followed by a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our program model is based upon cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in conjunction with COGNIT, an internet based e-learning and continuous recovery management tracking system. This system provides patients with 24 hour access to education and relapse prevention support tools, both during hospital treatment and following discharge. The use of non-addictive, anti-craving medications is also available based upon physician recommendations and a patient’s history of compulsions, cravings and relapse.

Mental Health

We treat individuals who may be suffering from one or more of the following conditions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive/ compulsive thoughts or behavior, post-traumatic stress, auditory and/or visual hallucinations, anger or impulse control issues. A full schedule of treatment activities addresses the biological, psychological, and relationship skills needed for recovery. We focus on inpatient stabilization, in combination with rehabilitation services involving daily group psychotherapy, family therapy, nutritional education, activity therapy, spirituality sessions and medication education.

Senior Treatment

Aging adults face unique and challenging concerns including safety, physical decline, loss of independence, medication reactions, cognitive decline and multiple personal losses. These issues require special attention and are often contributing factors to acute depression or other serious mental health issues. Our programming is designed to address concerns with physical and cognitive wellbeing, loss of independence, reliance on alcohol or medications and separation from or the loss of loved ones. Treatment involves daily group psychotherapy, counseling, family therapy, nutritional education, activity therapy, spirituality sessions and medication education.


At Brentwood Springs, our goal is to change our patients’ lives. We ask ourselves these questions every day, “How can we be sure that our programming is making a difference? Would we be proud to have a family member in our hospital?”

With those questions in mind, we are continuously assessing our programs and how we deliver our care. Here are the things that we think make us different from our competitors.

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