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Below are some local resources that can help you learn more about behavioral health and substance abuse topics. These resources are from organizations that are part of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force, and the links will take you to the community member’s website.

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Work Phone: 812-473-3144 – Stepping Stones Outpatient Work Phone: 812-473-3104 – Stepping Stones Residential Work Phone: 812-423-7791 – Behavioral Healthcare Website:
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Stepping Stone offers a full continuum of services for addictions and co-occurring mental illness under one roof. Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare provides Addiction Services, Adult Services, as well as Child, Adolescent, and Family Services.


Stepping Stone offers a wide range of treatment options catered to you and your needs ranging from individual and family therapy sessions, intensive outpatient care, social detoxification programs and community reinforcement and family training. Stepping Stone was also the first in the area to offer CRAFT, which is a behavioral program designed to help concerned significant others (CSOs) engage treatment refusing substance abusers into treatment. Contact our team at: (Outpatient: 812-473-3144) (Residential: 812-473-3104).


Stepping Stone offers Alumni services which support groups of alumni that can serve as mentors to those completing the intensive program at Stepping Stone. This opportunity also organizes regular on-site support group meetings and other special social events for continuous accountability and encouragement.



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