CRAFT Trained Counselors

Need Help Getting a Loved One Sober? Help is Available.

CRAFT is a proven way to motivate someone with a substance use disorder to enter treatment . CRAFT stands for Community Reinforcement and Family Training, and you can learn to use it with the help of over 25 Evansville area therapists who are trained in the method.

CRAFT helps engage a loved one in need of treatment in a positive, compassionate way without nagging, pleading, or threatening. This approach has been proven to improve the lives of significant others, reduce the problem behaviors of a loved one, and increase the loved one’s motivation to enter treatment.

The Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training, CRAFT, is a method developed by Dr. Robert J Meyers and Jane Ellen Smith to educate family members and concerned significant others on strategies to get a loved one into substance use disorder treatment.

Evansville Area CRAFT Trained Counselors

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There are currently 5 counselors in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Malissa Barnhill
St. Vincent Evansville 812-485-5025

Marla Stamm, LCSW
Southwestern Behavioral Health 812-473-3144

Mary Pruitt Pedtke, MSW, LCSW
Peace of Mind Counseling 812-401-1836

Melody Anderson, LCSW
Samaritan Center 812-354-8785

Missi Gwaltney-Shehorn
AIDS Resource Group 812-421-0059